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Carer Card reminder

Dear parents, just a reminder that you need to bring your carer card with you at the end of each day in order to collect your child. If you do not bring your carer card with you, we will direct you to the administration offices, where they will send us a permission slip to take your child. This process is quite lengthy and takes valuable time out of your day. Thank you.

Meet our Reception team

Dear Parents
We would like to introduce our Reception team for the 2018/19 academic year! We have an amazing team of hardworking teachers and assistants who are really excited to spend this year with your children. We have 5 classes in Reception and each class is staffed with a Class Teacher, as well as a lovely Teaching Assistant.
Our class teachers for Reception, from left to right are:
Ms. Dalia - Rec Year leader (RR), Ms. Joyce (RG), Ms. Grace (RY), Ms. Nuala (RT) and Ms. Sally (RB)

Our Teaching Assistants for Reception, from left to right are:
Ms. Mouna (RR), Ms. Nariman (RY), Ms. Amal (RT), Ms. Heba (RB) and Ms. Sama (RG)

Welcome to Reception!

Dear Parents and Reception students,

Welcome to our Reception group blog! We are very excited to share this Blog with you and hope that you will be following us throughout the year. Newsletters, updates and many other events will be posted here for all to see.

We hope you have a fantastic year with us and we are looking forward to a year filled with adventure and learning!

The Reception Team