School Photograph schedule

School Photographs Schedule 2018 - 2019 FromToSunday 18th NovMonday 19th NovTuesday 20th NovWednesday 21st NovSunday 25th Nov 7.47.557B6B6G6R6T7.558.107GKB6YRGRY8.108.257RRBRRKRKG8.25

Winter uniform, 18th November 2018

Dear parents, 

All students are expected to be in our TEA winter uniform as of Sunday, 18th November 2018. Please make sure that you read our Parent/Pupil guide thoroughly once more to be sure of the expectations of the winter uniform. This can be found on p. 12 and 13. 

The school uniform shop is fully stocked with winter uniforms and everything can be purchased from there. Please note that ONLY the school jumper will be allowed this year. If it is extremely cold your child can wear a plain navy blue/dark blue or a black coat. 

Please make sure that boys' hair is cut short and neat in accordance with our school policy, and girls' hair should be tied up, even in winter times. 

Kind regards, 
Mrs. van der Merwe

Mid Term Break!

Dear all,

Thank you for a lovely first mid term! We are so happy with the work the students have produced over the past couple of weeks. May you all have a lovely mid term break and we are looking forward to seeing you all back on Sunday 11th November 2018!

Farm animal dress up day

Dear parents, 

On Thursday, 1st November 2018, Reception students are encouraged to come to school dressed as a farm animal. Think about different farm animals, cow, chicken, horse, duck, goat, sheep, etc. Please do not come dressed as lions, zebra's, giraffe's etc.


British day

Dear parents,

Please be reminded of the British day in school tomorrow. Students are encouraged to come dressed in British theme, this can either be a famous landmark, a price/princess, English noble man/women or any other creative ideas you have that represents Britain. Please note that we do not want students to come dressed in football shirts, it is not what the day is about.

Looking forward to a fun day with the students!

Phonics workshop

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those who were able to attend today's phonics workshop. For all those who were not able to attend, we have uploaded the presentation for you to have a look at on your own time. 

The Reception team